About Us

JCC was founded by Dr. Jeffrey S. Jalbert in the spring of 1984. That year, Jeff took a leave of absence from his position as Professor and Director of the Computer Center at Denison University to launch JCC Consulting. Since inception, JCC has a long standing track record of providing in-depth expertise and quality service to clients with critical, large scale databases, applications and systems. To support these clients, JCC designed and maintained a high-end, robust data center. This data center is a climate controlled facility with a large natural gas backup generator, battery backup appliance, blade servers, data storage arrays, tape backup devices, firewalls, spam email filters and other advanced networking equipment.

In late 2011, JCC launched, JCC Hosting, to offer the security and reliability of the JCC world class computing environment to companies in central Ohio that prefer a high quality product with on-site service at a competitive price. JCC has been in business for 29 years and currently has clients in 22 different countries. We are a member of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce and are BBB Certified.

The JCC offices and data center is located in Granville, across from the Granville Golf Course on Newark Granville Road.