How is a cloud-based solution beneficial to my business?

Using cloud based technology services, allows a business to focus on what they do leaving the details of managing their computer resources to technical professionals.  With a reputable provider like JCC Hosting, cloud based servers are generally cheaper and more reliable than locally hosted systems.  Companies avoid expensive upfront costs of hardware, licenses, and infrastructure including battery backup, electric power generators and climate controlled facilities.

A server hosting contract with JCC Hosting not only includes the on-site service to migrate your data and applications to your server in the JCC Cloud, but it also includes the on-going support to:

  1. manage your backup process including specialized database backups
  2. manage and update your anti-virus protection
  3. keep operating system updates current
  4. assist with VPN connections from remote locations
  5. provide IT and technology related consultation

In summary, using a cloud base solution provided by JCC Hosting is cheaper, more reliable and constantly managed and monitored to provide our clients with the best possible availability and performance for their data and applications.