What advantage would a local business have working with JCC Hosting over a large remote cloud provider?

Although JCC has traditionally worked with large companies throughout the world, the target audience for JCC Hosting services are small and mid-sized businesses in Central Ohio.  The reason for this is so we can provide on-site support to our clients as part of our contracts, rather than remote support via telephone that the national providers offer.

A cloud services contract with JCC Hosting includes on-site support to assist our clients in migrating their existing applications and data to their JCC hosted server, assistance creating and maintaining a local and internet domain, and consulting to work with other technology providers like an ISP provider or email provider.  Unlike our compertitors, all of this and more is included in a server hosting contract with JCC Hosting.

The short answer is: The advantage of working with JCC Hosting is service.  Our contracts are competitive with the national providers, but our service from experienced technical staff is what sets us apart.