What would happen if a natural disaster destroyed the JCC Hosting data center? (i.e. what are the plans for disaster recovery)

Currently, the biggest threat to the JCC Data Center is a catastrophic fire.  Because of our geographic location, a flood or tornado is extremely unlikely.  Our data center is equipped with environmental sensors to report irregularities of temperature, humidity and smoke and alert our team and the local authorities to an event as soon as possible.  Additionally, we regularly communicate with the local fire department to make their team aware of our computing equipment so they can react appropriately, if necessary.

Should a fire completely destroy our data center, the JCC Hosting goal is to have our client's data and applications be restored and available within 2 business days and the entire data center back up within 1 week.  We recognize that this could be better and have launched an effort to have a secondary backup data center established by late summer 2013.  When the secondary JCC Hosting Data Center becomes available, our clients data and applications should be available within 1 hour of any catastrophic event.

We spend a lot of time being paranoid about our computer systems and in turn our clients corporate data.