What level of hardware support does JCC Hosting use to protect the computer systems storing your business data?

All of the computing equipment in the JCC data center is protected by hardware maintenance and software support agreements from our vendors in the case of a hardware failure or software issue.  The hardware agreements are in effect 24x7x365 so any hardware failure is replaced as fast as possible.  However, this is the 3rd line of defense protecting the uptime for your business.  Our computing systems are designed with redundancy so that if any one piece of equipment fails, a backup device is already powered on, configured and ready to automatically take over for the failed device.  See the section, JCC Data Center, for specific details on our hardware configuration.

JCC Hosting can provide your Central Ohio business access to the exact same equipment and infrastructure used by major corporations around the world, with the same level of attention to updates and security, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.