Will JCC Hosting help me to determine if a cloud solution is right for my business?

Yes. At your request and at no cost to your business, JCC Hosting consultants will visit your offices to evaluate your environment and make recommendations. All information obtained during these on-site investigations will be held in strict confidence and under a rigid non-disclosure agreement.

Typical considerations include an evaluation of current hardware and software used to support the organization, availability and reliability of the technology used, backup procedures for files and databases, business work flows, maintenance costs of current environment and systems security.

JCC Hosting often recommends that businesses support their organization with more than one service provider to minimize the impact of a significant disaster. For example, using a single provider to supply ISP service, an application and file server and email service would expose that business to a larger threat should a fire or storm destroy the single provider facility.   JCC Hosting can work with your distributed service providers to create the best possible environment in terms of cost and service.