What business expenses can be eliminated by choosing a cloud solution over an on-site solution?

There are direct and indirect expenses that are eliminated when a company moves from an on-site server to a hosted server solution.

Examples of direct expenses that can be eliminated:



Low-end standalone server, 4GB ram, 300GB raid set disk space

$ 2,200

MS Windows Server 2008 R2 license

$ 700

7 MS Windows Client Access Licenses – CALs

$ 200

1 year anti-virus for the server

$ 50

Battery backup for the server

$ 150

Tape drive for backup and 10 tapes

$ 1,100

Backup software with 12 month basic support

$ 700

Firewall/VPN device with 1 year support

$ 700

5 VPN licenses for laptops

$ 150

Shipping and tax

$ 550

Total direct cost

$ 6,500

Examples of indirect cost that can be eliminated:

  1. Server maintenance – OS upgrades and patches, anti-virus updates, etc.
  2. Managing the daily backup procedure
  3. Temperature controlled environment
  4. Managing h/w and s/w maintenance contracts
  5. Cost of electric power consumed by server

Additional financial advantages are that you pay for only what you use and you can more evenly distribute the costs over time rather than encounter the entire cost of a hardware and software upgrade in a single event.

Choosing a cloud based solution allows a business owner to focus on his or her business and leaves the computer issues to the cloud services provider. However, a contract with JCC Hosting is more than just a vendor to customer relationship. JCC Hosting will partner with a business to provide IT recommendations and mentoring for short term and long term technical goals. JCC Hosting will assist clients with technology to help them grow their business without growing the number of people it takes to manage that business.