JCC Launches Server Hosting Business

GRANVILLE, OH, JULY 26, 2012: JCC Consulting, Inc., a Granville-based computer services firm founded in 1984, has launched JCC Hosting, LLC, a new line of business providing server hosting to the local community. In this unique service, JCC extends its long standing track-record of in-depth expertise and quality service, traditionally serving clients with critical, large scale databases, to smaller Central Ohio businesses. Now the security and reliability of the JCC world class computing environment is available to companies in central Ohio that prefer a high quality product with on-site service at a competitive price.

In December, 2011, BUDS, Inc. of Nashport, OH, contacted JCC to explore the purchase and installation of a BUDS owned server for their accounting system and job estimate files. BUDS is a heavy construction company that builds bridges and underground drainage systems with offices in both Nashport and Columbus, Ohio. For BUDS, the cost of the server, software and related equipment was not prohibitive; it was the on-going management of the system that seemed overwhelming.

Maintaining accurate backups, software licensing and upgrades, and keeping anti-virus files up-to-date are often tasks overlooked when you are focused on running your own business. BUDS also preferred the personal service offered by JCC. Brandie Scott, President of BUDS, Inc., stated, “Customer service is very important to us. We want someone we know and can call if there is an issue.”

Reliability was also an important factor for BUDS. During the recent storm related power outage, the JCC Hosting data center remained up and running through the storm and the days following. This 100% uptime was extremely important to BUDS, especially during their summer construction season.

Scott opted for a JCC Hosting solution for BUDS that included the following:

  • 2-CPU virtual server, 4GB RAM, 100GB disk
  • Windows 2008 Server operating system
  • Office and remote VPN access
  • Symantec anti-virus
  • UPS battery backup & electrical generator
  • Off-site storage for backup media
  • Assistance migrating data and applications
  • Systems and network availability monitoring

Managed server solutions start around $300 per month for a package similar to the BUDS configuration. JCC Hosting can build custom environments for customers and also provide disaster planning systems for large enterprises that require an off-site duplicate environment with a fast transition to the failover site.

JCC has been in business for 28 years and currently has clients in 22 different countries. JCC is a member of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce and is BBB Certified.